Department of Financial Transactions

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Our aim is to make sure that participants and our clients are fully aware of the legality of their actions. The Department of Financial Transactions is the primary regulator when it is time for filing of release funds and in the mergers and acquisitions industry.


Ensure all of your bases are covered with a data bank of resource, valuable information and consumer guidance for licensed money transmitters.


Just as you implement risk management strategies to protect your investments, you should have strategies in place to protect yourself.


Proctecting consumers and handling consumer complaints and information requests regarding the industries it regulates.

Financial Services

Financial firms accept and transfer funds from and to investors and customers, and transform those funds in financial products with a return and liquidity characteristics. The Department of Financial Transactions has a directive to regulate, control, and enforce the laws laid down by the federal securities regulations that are concerned with corporate filings, documentation and administration procedures.

At the highest level, rules may be set by statute. In the United States, a number of pieces of legislation govern the financial system. The ways in which financial products are offered is also regulated. We fully understand that it is of the utmost importance to set parameters around this tranfers, considering the risk and value at stake and the costs and risks. It is because of this, that The Department of Financial Transactions follow the changes in any pertinent regulations and rules that concern shareholders transfers. It is certainly true that rules can be made with the aim of improving corporate governance and good business practice and we work tirelessly for the benefit of every beneficiary in both individual and corporate filings.

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